Men vs. Women: Attitude Towards Money

Topics: Gender, Need, Woman Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: August 27, 2012
Benwan K. Gorham
Ms. Clara Gerl
Composition English 1301
17 June 2012
Men vs. Women:
Attitude towards Money
Have you ever just wanted to go shopping and not worry about the bill? Have you ever just wanted to put a down payment on a house and not worry about what is remaining in your bank account. We all have had dreams and fantasies of these type of things happening to us, but truth be told, if we are not conservative with how we spend and save money we will never be able to do those things. We often see money as a good or bad thing. Either we have the money (good) or we don’t have the money(bad). Men and women have different attitudes towards money. The following essay will compare those attitudes. First we are going to look at the individual versus the couple. A man is taught at an early age that he must save money if he wants the better things out of life. A man is taught that he must always have money to provide for his family. A man tends to put back small amounts of money that will later on lead to big sums. A man is taught that he brings home the “bacon”(money) and the woman is taught that she “cooks” (spends) what the man brings home. The average woman likes to spend money lavishly, if she wants it, she gets it. A man on the other hand wants to feel as though he has control over how his money is spent. Women have an image to maintain and trying to uphold an image will cost money. A man worries about his image but he doesn’t worry to the extent that he has to buy something to uphold that image. He tends to spend money because he needs a certain thing, not because he wants it. When men and women are put together as a couple, they tend to form one common interest about money. That common interest is, if we don’t need it we don’t buy it. The entire aspect on money is switched when you have a partner. In a sense, you are going from the franchise level, to the cooperation level. You don’t see failure as an option. Money plays a big part of your...
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