Men vs. Women

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One of the most unique differences between men and women are their interests. Men prefer more physically stimulating activities. While women on the other hand prefer more aesthetically pleasing activities. While men are generally more interested in cars, sports, and working out. Women are more interested in shopping, makeup, and material objects like diamonds. Among all the things men desire, activities such as sports are enjoyed mainly for the purpose of providing men with challenges. Men play sports not just for physical activity but for some type of competition with others which is offered by video games constant obstacles. These challenges are often found in video games and therefore provide men with a feeling of masculinity that women clearly do not have or desire.

Video games are preferred by men because for one it provides men with relaxation and allows them to relieve stress. This is evident by the fact that video games are played by men on couches during a recreational hour in their day. Women prefer shopping and talking on the phone during any free time during their day. Playing video games also brings men together by providing them with a common physical game to play with one another while women are more focused on having a common emotional outlook with other women.

Women in opposition to men also believe video games to be a waste of their time. While men find video games rewarding as shown by studies done at Stanford University by Dr. Fumiko Hayft who stated that “the part of the brain that generates rewarding feelings is more active in men than women during video game play.” In other words men find it more stimulating and pleasing to play videos. Men become more and more motivated to complete each obstacle in a video game as they get further into the game. Whereas women are constantly forced with the task of providing for their families and see no time to engage in such activities that don’t have a more positive long term effect on their lives....
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