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Men vs. Females

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Did black and white women have the same rights as men in the 18th century? Did it matter if they were black slaves or white women? The resemblance among these women was quite simple. They both held a substandard position in a male-dominated world. In Voices of A People’s History of the United States, by Howard Zinn, we see the great effort of these women struggling to revolutionize their circumstances triggering the Early Women’s Movement. Their ambition for equality was what they were hoping to achieve. The efforts of women such as the speech by Maria Stewart, an African American activist, in 1833, move forward for ending slavery. Not only does this contribute to end slavery but also against sexism. Because Stewart’s image of equality comes from the idea of giving an opportunity, she thinks, “But give the man of color an equal opportunity with the white from the cradle to manhood, and from manhood to the grave, and you would discover the dignified statesman, the man of science, and the philosopher. But there is no such opportunity for the sons of Africa, and I fear that our powerful ones are fully determined that there shall never be.” (p. 116) This can speak out for both women and men of color since they were seen as inferior people. Since the only successful people during this century were the rich white men who were educated, the women and slaves felt there should be room for improvement. Why should they keep working for the rich and not get anywhere. This brings up another important aspect. In spite of the fact that they were the reason for all that the rich had, they were not seen with appreciation. With this idea Steward concludes the following, “Americans gained themselves a name, like the name of the great men that are in the earth, while in reality we have been their principal foundation and support; we have performed the labor they have received the profits; we have planted the vines, they have eaten the fruits of them”. (p. 117) The hard labor of...

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