Men Should Be in Charge of the Household - Discuss

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Men should be in charge of the household
Throughout history we have lived in a patriarchal society – male dominating – in fact it is only in the last fifty years that women have had equal rights to men. Is this correct though? Should men have the dominating roles with women being submissive to their fathers and then later to their husbands, or are equal rights the way towards progress and advancement. Common belief holds that women have often been excluded, marginalized, or silenced in the Christian tradition from its inception. From St. Paul's first-century teaching that "women are to remain silent in church" to the more recent Southern Baptist censure of female pastors, many women have found a less than welcoming presence in Christianity, particularly in leadership positions. Fortunately, recent work in history has uncovered a more varied role for women in the Church, from antiquity through the Middle Ages and throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth century’s. Theological studies have worked to present a more accurate view of Christ's teachings and treatment of women, and have sought to separate patriarchal cultural constraints from the Gospel message and vision of the Church for all genders and races. This listing of websites includes both traditional and reconstructed views of women in the Christian tradition, from the Bible through the present day. Christianity began between two patriarchal cultures, Jewish and Roman. In Jewish culture, men made all the decisions. Women were valued primarily for producing heirs for men. A woman depended on men for her livelihood throughout her life, first on her father, then on her husband, and finally on her sons. As a result, dowries were serious financial transactions, and widowhood without the support of a son meant financial disaster. Roman culture divided privileges and responsibilities between men and women. Men made the major decisions regarding possessions and business. Women had some authority over the management and economy of the home. But everything changed once Christianity was legalized and became mainstream. Once Christianity was the default religion for everyone, men reasserted their authority and quickly undid all the progress women had made, to the point of rewriting Church history, and even defacing mosaics, icons and engravings that showed women in positions of church influence. Centuries of patriarchal oppression have proceeded since then, and only now are women slowly, haltingly progressing toward the position of being taken seriously by Church leadership again. They still have a long way to go. Some Traditional Christians believe that the men should be the head of the family and women shall be permitted not to speak in church or eventually become ministers/ priests. This is because in the Bible (St Paul) said that women should not be allowed to speak in church, and must so they must abide by this and must obey their husbands. Also there is a belief that the Bible is the unalterable word of God. Paul wrote "women should not speak up in the assembly." Based upon the scripture God has, however, and order in the world, God, is the head of Christ, Christ is the head of man and man is the head of woman, This order is for the covering according to God. God created Adam first but Eve was built from a rib from Adam. According to the genesis, Adam was made, then God thought “he needs a suitable helper”. So then, he makes land animals and birds. Adams not satisfied. Then he makes fish. Adams still not satisfied. So then God finally makes a female for him and lets Adam name her, which is a sign of ownership. The fact remains that many important women in the Bible were left unnamed such as “Noah's wife”, Jobs wife suffered many things with him, including the loss of her 7 children, yet she is never given a name. Adam and Eve are a type of Christ and the church as read in Ephesians 5: 23 For a husband is head of the wife, as also Christ is head of the Church,...
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