Men Peek Out of the Cave

Topics: Female, Woman, Gender Pages: 1 (321 words) Published: October 3, 2007
"Men Peek Out of the Cave" by Peder Zane promoted a ton of thoughts for me, as a women hoping to ascend into a higher educated position of leadership, this essay was a confidence creator and a depression causer. Zane wrote in his essay that "six out of ten recipients of bachelor's or master's degrees are women, and the gap is widening." This tells me as a woman that women are starting to beat the stereotype that females are less intelligent then women but this isn't necessarily true either as read of further into the essay.

Women are starting to fill in the intelligence gap between men in women but it doesn't men are less intelligent just don't have the motivation to keep pushing themselves to success. But just as a stated that myself, many intelligent men are fighting that stereotypes that men are to lazy to succeed and that men are becoming less intelligent. Zane was wrote in his essay, " if you ever have the occasion to talk to a walking/talking man, you'll fine he can do more then grunt." and he says this to open the readers eyes to the medias stereotypes that shows such as " The Man Show" are starting to develop.

Not all men are cavemen that just walk around and take advantage of the successful women like media likes to portray. Though many women are becoming successful and there is a gap growing between the intelligence of men and women, but that doesn't determine every man success or the future that men have.

Yes, there is a gap but that can give men who aren't motivated, the motivation to beat there stereotype just like women did in the past. There are equals levels of intelligence between men in women but we won't develop the intelligence of either sex without competitiveness between the two sexes.
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