Men or Women? Who Make Better Managers?

Topics: Mukesh Ambani, Management, Dhirubhai Ambani Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Who Make Better Managers Women or Men
Gender cannot be a defining factor, for who are better managers. Likewise Men and Women have weighed strengths and weakness. The style of leadership varies. When you research from the 5 year database the statistics of men and women managers are of equal balance. Yet, I put forward my strong opinion saying Men are better bosses and have been better since centuries. Men have an aggressive command over accomplishments and more straight-talking to control the work approach. Chalk it up, to their ability of technical and resolving skills to quick take charge and make better decision. Male managers are less prone to an emotionally attached thread between their employees, which in return makes it easier to make the hardest decision between the hardest yes and no’s. They are born competitors to the world of business. Men in boss’s position are contended when things seem settled around them and communicate concisely and clearly. Whereas Women manager, on the other hand are, “Soft Skilled”, they juggle between their personal and professional life on a daily based aspect, making them more prone to be emotionally weak, in managing the level of failure and bad crisis. They might characterize the ability to be employee friendly and have better communication level but lack the strengths to prove their stride as a Boss. Women also, have a natural ability towards empathy, which is not a good sign for the business world. Men are always known for their perfection in practicality. They would not think twice to cross the bridge and manage the risk factor in exploring new ideas. They are proved to have more subjected IQ of science and math. A manager function requires constant travelling around and they are less involved people who fall under the category of, “I cannot travel alone”. On the flip side women are less seen traveling alone without a man accompanying them as a concern of threat. Men managers are functioned to handle pressure and...
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