Men of Purpose

Topics: Christian terms, Calvary, Gospel music Pages: 3 (1026 words) Published: December 10, 2012
John H. Seaborne, Jr.
Critique #2
Music Appreciation 121

MALE CHORUS 2ND ANNIVERSARY GOSPEL PROGRAM It was a gloriously wonderful autumn day, one of those days that you read about in a favorite novel or book of your choice. A day that has the Sun’s rays highlighting every miraculous creation that our Father GOD has created. The wind, although stirring, moving with a tenderness that just accentuates the setting of the day. “Serenity” is what I think about the peaceful, and almost heaven-sent atmospheric projection on this day. I’ve heard the phrase over the years, “Alignment of the Stars”, which precluded today’s events. The stage is set for the day’s festivities. All the lengthy preparation poured into the male chorus anniversary was enough to have all of our emotions high and eager with anticipation. Everyone was on board with the celebration. The entire church, all of the ministries and various missionaries extended overwhelming courtesies far beyond their gratuitous duties. Our pastor, the Honorable Reverend Kenneth Carter, has always taken on a special interest in our male chorus. Pastor says, “there’s nothing like a brotherhood in song”. In the beginning, the idea of a male chorus was spearheaded by a spiritually blessed brother with a vision. Deacon Jerry Streat (a male chorus member/founder), wanted to ban the men of Mt.Calvary Baptist church together in song. Deacon Streat had a vision, and it was awesome to watch him go about the business of Lord. It was clear that God gave Deacon Streat a mission, a very important mission, and Deacon Streat governed himself accordingly with due diligence that can only be rivaled by “man’s best friend”. Although I interjected lightly, a bit of humor, it was no laughing matter. I watched as he pushed, planned and persisted while contacting various music ministers, area quartet groups and musicians. Deacon Streat is the reason this Mt. Calvary Male chorus is an...
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