Men Now and Then

Topics: Gender, Family, Gender role Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: January 1, 2013
(Done by Anikia Williams) all about men who run weh left dem pickney me naaa call nuh name. A matrifocal family consists of a mother and her children — generally her biological offspring. This kind of family commonly develops where women have the resources to rear their children by themselves, or where men have more mobility than women. The reason for matrifocal families are usually marginalization.

What is Marginalization
Marginalization is the social process of becoming or being relegated to the fringe of society. Marginalization at the individual level results in an individual's exclusion from meaningful participation in society. Being marginalized refers to being separated from the rest of the society. Marxists see marginalization as a structural phenomenon endemic to capitalism. For Marx, the “reserve army of the proletariat,” a pool of unemployed or partially unemployed laborers, is used by employers to lower wages. They concluded that sustained unemployment leads to poverty, which in turn leads to social isolation, including the breakup of families and the financial inability to fully participate in popular culture. Shorn of kin ties and cultural associations, the unemployed have difficulty finding a job and eventually become unemployable.

Men’s contributions to the present day family has increased, Men are now being more supportive in helping out in family duties, substantially lessening the burden on women. They make the mess and so they have began to do help in cleaning it up also men have exceeded the amount of time they spend with their children: “fathers in two-parent households now spend more time with co-resident children. There has been a division of labor where even men go to do grocery shopping and get dinner ready until the wife comes home. All these trends are likely to continue families for the foreseeable future. According to national opinion polls, the belief in gender equality within continues to gain acceptance among both men and...
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