Men in College

Topics: Male, Sex, Female Pages: 3 (850 words) Published: November 13, 2011
Are college institutions practicing affirmative action for boys, if so why?

Sarah Karnasiewicz is a writer and editor for’s Life section. She has written most of her articles on education and youth culture. In her article, “The Campus Crusade for Guys,” she explores the gender gap between males and females applications for college admission. The question of whether affirmative action for boys has begun.

Karnasiewicz begins her article by presenting the opinion of child psychologist and advocate for boys, Michael Thompson. Thompson’s response, “I would be horrified if some lunkhead boy got accepted to a school instead of my very talented and prepared daughter just because he happened to be a guy” (909). Karnasiewicz continues her article with the current statistics of a gender gap ration of 43-57 male to female (909). Her thesis states that educators are asking if affirmative action for boys needs to begin (909). Karnasiewicz gives a background of the press that this subject is receiving. She points out that there are some administrators that are stating that affirmative action for boys is being practiced but the case brought up against the University of Georgia drove the practice underground. The other main points that she discusses to support her thesis is what institutions are doing to increase male applications, reasons why the gender gap ratio is in favor for women and what consequences to having a higher female application pool will have. Evaluation of this article shows organization that clearly speaks to the audience, use of credible evidence and an appeal to a parental audience.

Karnasiewicz state a specific claim. Her thesis states “Amid national panic over a growing academic gender gap, educators have begun to ask, might it be time to adopt affirmative action for boys? She clearly states in the beginning of her article the statistics that show a gender gap ratio is in favor for women and what consequences to having a higher female...
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