Men Benefit More from Marriage Than Women

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  • Published : May 3, 2008
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In the 21st century, given the question “who will benefit more from marriage, men or women”, we are here to answer; men will benefit more. Marriage, as a center of collision between aspiration and confusion faced by couples nowadays, actually has a more positive influence on men than on women for mainly three reasons. First, it brings a higher sense of commitment to married men and makes them not only more considerate to his family and the people around but also more socially responsible, which founds the base for a successful career or other achievements. Second, a married man can be warmly embraced by a deeper sense of self-belongingness from the family he forms and attains a meticulous mental shelter of comfort and support from his wife since “the best cure for a man’s wounds is the woman’s eyes”. Third, marriage tends to save a man’s time to deal with love affairs, keeps him better undistracted from social sex appeals and helps men to concentrate more effectively on their own professions or enterprises, acting as a railway with stronger defense of derailment. Thus, although it’s apparent that both sexes can benefit from marriage in general, when it comes to comparison, men are believed to be in advantage.

When it comes to the illustration for the first reason, the fact is obviously that men who have formed their own families with a life-partner become more committed than those who have not. Before getting married, most men might not have the sense of an own family so that they were likely to only care about their personal issues but things changed after they got married. Whenever encounter a problem, a married man tends to take not only himself, but his wife and children’s benefits into prudential consideration, which makes him more motivated to do well in all aspects. However, someone may argue that women also become more committed through marriage because they apparently shoulder more family responsibilities than their husbands do. Yet , this idea is...
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