Men Are Superior to Women

Topics: Female, Gender, Male Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: January 23, 2011
Men are Superior to Women for the Appellation of ChineseThe cultures in china, Men are stereotyped as a muscular, tough, and strong figure. Until now, the positions of men are still the same. In the traditional Chinese point of view, they deem that men are better. I don’t deny this opinion because I am a man. As a result, my assumptions for the man culture in china in the following aspects, parental training, education and social expectations. First of all, in my country, parents or grandparents used to treat sons better than daughters. According to my culture, “men should take care of the outside (means earn money), and women should take care of the business inside (means domestic).” My assumption is in the poor area, when a lady is young; she is not got the best from her parent. They used physical punishments when she was misbehaved; she can not allowed to sleep on the bed or couch, instead, she had to sleep on the ground; while she can not allowed to receive education. Besides parental training, education is another area that I think being a man is better in china. My assumption is there are more choices for men in either high school or college most of the time. It is because in china, the educational system in high schools is divided to two major which is art and science. There are no such requirements that woman couldn’t take the science streams. As well as the education and parental training, there are conscious different in social expectations between males and females in china. It is always true that there are more social expectations of males than females. My assumption is "A male without a job is seen as somebody who is simply not fulfilling his or her major social role, whereas a woman without a job is more acceptable." The responsibilities for men are taking care of their soul mate and their family. After leaving school, men just work. All the entire life is about work. However, there are no such things for woman. No one will blame a woman who does...
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