Men Are from Mars and Women Are from Venus

Topics: Acts of the Apostles, Girl, Cowboy Pages: 3 (1316 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Throughout history it has been rightfully assumed that men are more prone to commit acts of physical violence than women. When a school shooting occurs, when a building has been bombed or flown into, even when a attempt at an assasination of our Presidents in The United States has happened it has been or is generally assumed that it was a male involved in this intent. We must ask ourselves why? Why do men, more so than women, intend to act on violent thoughts and do such hanis criminal acts?

“Its Twenty-eight years since the founding of NOW, and boys still like trucks and girls still like dolls” (Pollitt 555). These words by Katha Pollitt in the article, “Why boys don’t play with Dolls” shows how since the founding of the National Organization for women in 1966 and trying to change how women are seen in society, boys and girls are still going to play with the same toys and this is still going to effect the potential thoughts of violence in their future. Pollitt states that kids get their ideas for what toys they want from watching commercials that are gender specific and since boys are prone to playing with toy guns and G.I. Joes then they probably will and are growing up more violent.

Pollitt goes on to say that parents c ould be the reason for little boys growing up to commit violent acts. “Could it be that even sports-resistant moms see athletes as a part of manliness? That if the sons wanted to spend the weekend writing up their diaries, or reading, or baking, they’d find it disturbing? Too antisocial? Too gay?”(556) These are all very good questions that moms and dads both probably need to ask themselves. Would it really make a difference if they enjoyed school, books, dolls, and writing more than guns and football. Pollitt says she even knows feminists that live on these beliefs but wouldnt dare turn their sons away from “the norm” of playing as boys, “discouraging their sons from participating in this activity they find so foolish.”(556)...
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