Men and Women Verbal and Non Verbal Communication

Topics: Gender, Transgender, Grammatical gender Pages: 4 (1477 words) Published: June 27, 2011
Men and women throughout their lives exhibit many different characteristics and traits which makes them the person that they are. However, societal involvement has a lot to do with the way men and women are raised. There are many factors throughout life that society can sway when making decisions. Exploring topics such as “showing support, troubles talk, the point of the story, relationship talk, and public speaking”, and examining whether these topics are gender exclusive or that they are overlapped will help explain the phenomenon of our way of thinking. Support is something that everyone needs in their lives. It gives them the positive reinforcement that they need. Many times in life at different stages, we come across challenges that require us to seek the support of others. Many times, if we don’t have a support group around us, it is difficult to find that support that we so badly need. Showing Support is and can be given by either gender. For example, we find mothers showing and giving support to their loved ones. One may read this statement and feel that fathers do not show support. This would be an erroneous assumption. Showing support can be seen in different levels and forms. Therefore, showing support is an action that is often times exhibited by both genders. Communication is an essential part of life. Men and women have various styles of communication. This is why they seem to find themselves on opposite ends of the spectrum when having “Troubles Talk”. Due to the difference in communication styles between men and women, “troubles talk” is not easy to handle or even comprehend. Far too often, we find women speaking from the heart and women attaching emotions to what they are discussing. One example I can recall is of my parents deciding when to set my marriage date. My father was adamant on setting it on one date. However, my mother was emotionally charged and wanted to have it on another specific date. This particular...
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