Men and Women Should Have Paid Paternity Leave(Argument Paper)

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  • Published : March 18, 2012
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Men and Women should have paid paternity leave

Regina Lynn Pender

Strayer University

Men and women should have paid paternity leave

Paternity leave is the time a father or mother takes off work at the birth or adoption of a child. A few companies offer paid paternity leave to new dads and moms ranging from a few days to a few weeks. I will discuss the reasons why both men and women should have paid paternity leave. Why it is important to have paternity leave for bonding. I also will discuss the financial cost involved for families and companies.

The United States is the only western country that doesn't mandate paid paternity leave for neither fathers nor mothers upon the birth of a child. Only 15% of U.S. Companies voluntary offer paid paternity leave. This results are some fathers wanting to take time off at the birth of their child but do not have the ability to do so. Men are more likely to take paternity leave if they know how it works and how common it is at most companies. A father should be able to have paid paternity leave. Now some people are saying that paid paternity benefits the men than women. A study found that some males professors used their paternity leave to focus on things other than infant care, such as publishing paper or research while women professors spent most of their time off to focus on infant care and breastfeeding.


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