"Men and Women Merely Player" Critical Review

Topics: Human, Religion, Chess Pages: 5 (1292 words) Published: March 29, 2012


The article, “Men and Women are merely players” is an exposure of human being are just like a piece of chess that follow the roles that has been pointed out by certain dominator. The excerpt by Robert Greene advocates that in a society there will be a social idea that would drive a person to follow the scripted roles. If we never realize such game from the beginning, then the tendency for us to be manipulated by mastermind that mad for power is high.


a.Today world resemble the theater that impose everything to appear acculturate, ethical, democratic and legitimate. But the chess pieces which presenting the human being is discouraged to play the game too naively as it will mold them to the path that already set up by masterminds that mad for power. These masterminds tend to take advantage of anyone that fall upon their wicked game trap.

b.Human being that tries to be delicate at all time is confined to be spoil at the end of the day among the great number who are not good.
c.In order to achieve the highest stage of power, a person needs to master the arts of indirection, learning to seduce charm, deceive and cunningly maneuver your opponent so that they will let their defense down.

d.There are some people who believe they can opt out of the game by behaving in ways that have nothing to do with power.
e.Those people who claim to be non-players are adept deceits as they use it as a cloak to their evil mask for achieving the highest level of power.
f.A real innocent people and also naiveté wouldn’t have the chance to be totally free from the hunger of power since they are not hindered by indication.

3.1 The Author (Robert Greene)
a. He was born in 1959 to a Jewish Family and had a qualification of a degree in classical studies from the University on Wisconsin-Madison b. He wrote the book on dynamics of social and political power, The 48 Laws of Power in 1998 after a successful career as a Hollywood screenwriter. c. He followed up with The Art of Seduction and 33 Strategies of War after the success of the first book. d. Greene collaboration with 50 cent was led up with Busta Rhymes, who had a specially engraved cover of the The 48 Laws of Power in order to help with problematic movie producers.

This group of people is attracted to read this kind of article as it discusses the nature of life.

4.2Naïve People
The presence of the word “naïve” being used in the excerpt and the hardship the naïve people have gone through in their life would encourage them to read the excerpt.

The use of Napoleon as an example of this excerpt may attract this group as Napoleon is renowned for being a great commander in History and also a great pretentious.

The excerpt, “Men and Women are Merely Players”, is written to inform general public that each person in the world has their own social role which is fixed and the roles are staged. Though, if we suppress by the roles too strictly, then we will tend to be dominated by the director of the game that thirst for power and live within pretentiousness of live.

The aim of writing this excerpt is to inform regarding on the different roles which is played by every human being within their life by suggesting to the philosopher, naïve people, and historian that if we play the roles too strictly then we will be driven to dominated by the director of the game that thirst for power.

7.1If an individual play the role too strictly, then he or she are entitled to be dominated by mastermind that thirst for power. Regardless..
a.Not all people that work within the giving roles are bound to be dominated by other people because if a person has the basic knowledge of human game power that involve the dominator and the dominated, then the person would...
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