Men's Wearhouse Case Study

Topics: Management, Marketing, Strategic management Pages: 2 (368 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Yolanda Li
MGT 409-011


Although whoever would love to stay in a company with a friendly environment like less competitive and a rich welfare system, yet that is not the way to maintain a strong brand. What if you know that the company will not ask you to further professional education considering that you have no time? Or you are sure that you are competing with those you say hi everyday for next promotion? The strategic issue in this case is their human resource management inside the company needs revising.

Using value chain analysis, in this case, particularly we can focus on marketing and sales and service for primary activities and human resource management as a major issue for supportive activities. * As a fashion industry, Men’s Warehouse needs strong marketing skills to maintain the competence of their products * Great sales come from excellent service, the more professional their consultants are, the more sales Men’s Warehouse are going to make * A well-organized human resource management system can make sure the quality of staff and the maximum professional spirit of employees

According to the value chain analysis above, it is obvious that as a fashion retailing company, not only with the latest style, the quality of their employee can play a key role of leveraging sales. Therefore, not encouraging employees to take outside management courses and getting promoted almost totally from within will decelerate the development of their employees. This finding leads me to think that their internal human resource management needs further revising.

My recommendations regarding to this strategic issue would be: * Enhance the quality and professionalism of the staff
* Send employees to outside professional management courses every other weekend * Outsource senior talents from other companies every hiring cycle * Evaluate by using annual/semi-annual qualification tests...
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