Memory Storage in the Brain

Topics: Long-term memory, Short-term memory, Memory Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Shuntres L. Willis
Mktg 3302
Professor J. Smith
10 June 2011
Week 3 Essay Assignment

2. In the multiple store theory of memory there are three different storage areas within the brain. Sensory memory is where the five senses are put to use and it has unlimited capacity like iconic and echoic storage and has different storage mechanism. However, the duration of sensory memory is very limited. Work bench memory is an area of the brain where information is stored for long-term memory and retrieval. In the same way, work bench memory has limited duration but not as nearly limited as sensory memory. Unlike sensory memory, work benched memory has limited capacity, long-term memory works very closely with work bench memory but like sensory memory it has unlimited capacity. On the other hand, long-term has unlimited duration, semantic meaning, and associative network.

3. The four mental processes are repetition, dual coding, meaningful encoding, and chunking. Repetition- is held in short term memory by repeating or rehearsal. For example, learning a speech for a presentation for class, however, it is the weakest form of learning. Dual coding- it has two sensory traces that are different, for instance, the jingles from commercials, or the sight of a piece of a product on sale. Meaningful encoding- is information from long term memory that works closely with workbench memory that can be recalled for later use, for instance giving the tag number of a car that fled the scene of an accident. Chunking- is grouping stimuli so that multiple stimuli can be one memory unit. However, humor is used to help the process of chunking; it also is an important metal activity because better chunking leads to a better recall. Thus, learning the date and time of events that happened in the past like September 11.

4. The long-term memory is a place where things are deposited and the capacity and duration are unlimited. So, the...
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