Memory of My Town

Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: February 19, 2013
When early childhood's happy days In memory I see once more Along the lovely verdant shore That meets a gently murmuring sea. When I recall the whisper soft Of zephyrs dancing on my brow With cooling sweetness, even now New luscious life is born in me. When I behold the lily white That sways to do the wind's command, While gently sleeping on the sand The stormy water rests awhile; When from the flowers there softly breathes A bouquet of ravishingly sweet, Out-poured the newborn dawn to meet, As on us she begins to mine. With sadness I recall…recall Thy face, in precious infancy, Oh mother, friend most dear to me, Who gave a life a wondrous charm. I yet recall a village plan, My joy, my family, my boon, Besides the freshly cool lagoon, - The spot for which my heart beats warm. Ah yes! My footsteps insecure In your dark forests deeply sank; And there by every river's bank I found refreshment and delight;  Within that rustic temple prayed With childhood's simple faith unfeigned While cooling breezes, pure, unstained,  Would send my heart on rapturous flight. I saw the Master in the grandeur Of your ancient hoary wood, Ah, never in your refuge could A mortal by regret be smitten; And while upon your sky of blue I gaze, no love nor tenderness Could fail, for here on nature's dress My happiness itself was written. Ah, tender childhood, lovely town, Rich fount of my felicities Oh those harmonious melodies Which put to flight all dismal hours, Come back to my heart once more! Come back, gentle hours, I yearn! Come back as the birds return, At the budding of the flowers! Alas, farewell! Eternal vigil I keep For thy peace, they bliss, and tranquility, O Genius of good, so kind! Give me these gifts, with charity. To thee are my fervent vows – To thee I cease not to sigh These to learn and I call to the sky To have thy sincerity.
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