Memory Management

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Research Paper

To manage the contents of the processor’s memory and storage, memory management is used. To use applications and data, first, it should be brought to memory. Memory use also increases as workload on system increases. To optimize the use of processor’s memory, we hence use memory management. INTRODUCTION:

After reading the research papers on memory management I concluded that next to CPU physical memory is one of the most important resources in a computer system. Each piece of data is to be stored on a unique physical address therefore it becomes very important for the operating system to manage the memory so that data does not get messed up. I. CONTIGOUS MEMORY ALLOCATION

Contiguous memory allocation is a technique which is used to manage memory. The basic idea of which is to provide each process with its own single contiguous section of memory. The entire physical memory is divided into two parts, the operating system resides in one part which is the lower part of the memory.

The concept of dynamic memory allocation is basically to allocate memory to a computer program at runtime of that program. Dynamically allocated memory exists until it is released by the programmer. There are three algorithms for dynamic memory allocation namely first fit in which the first block of memory which is big enough is allocated to the program second is the best fit in which the smallest memory hole which is big enough is allocated to the program and last is the worst fit in which the largest hole is allocated to the program. The efficiency of these cases depends on the programs that need to be executed. It varies from program to program. III. MEMORY MANAGEMENT MODELS:

Furthermore two memory management models have been discussed in the research paper. First one is bare machine model in which the entire address space is given to the program and the program itself is...
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