Memory Is a Three Part System

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  • Published : February 10, 2012
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Memory is a three part system. The first part is the sensory store and it has a fleeting representation of what is being sensed. If a person is really paying attention they can move information from the sensory store to the short-term memory. Second stage is short-term memory and has a limited capacity for temporary storage where information is encoded into the long term memory through repetition or rehearsal. The third is long-term memory where information can be held indefinitely. (

Sensory memory (store) refers to the initial, momentary storage of information that lasts only an instant. Short-term memory holds information for 15 to 25 seconds and stores it according to its meaning rather than as mere sensory stimulation. (Ch. 6 (Modules 18) of Psychology and Your Life; p 201)

When I am in a basilar migraine episode it affects my ability to learn, walk, talk, and see. I cannot recall things happening during one of the more serious episodes, so I feel this could be classified as a memory loss and an inability to learn. These episodes usually last about 5-60 minutes, but can last days in some cases. This episodic of migraine is so rare, there has been less research done specifically on them. (

Information in your long-term memory will affect your critical thinking skills in two ways: 1. Reflecting on previous critical thinking experiences, which allow you to improve upon past experiences. 2. By learned processes, skills, and experiences depending on the reminder, only some of the total memory can be reactivated (

Through our short term memory we rehearse enough times the memory is able to be remembered and stored into our long term memory. In long...
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