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Topics: Short-term memory, Memory, The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two Pages: 3 (902 words) Published: September 16, 2012
Memory and the Games We Play
Bridget Vickers
Professor Mccormick
Walden University

Memory and the Games We Play

What is memory? According to Huffman (2007), memory is defined as “an internal record or representing of some prior event or experience” (p. 249). My task for this assignment is to look at how memory strategies work, and what these activities demonstrate about the human memory. The Human Memory

The memory is a complex process that can have faults along its functions collection, storage, and recall, where information can be lost. Furthermore, the human memory acts through many networks at the same time (Huffman, 2007, p.251). First, the sensory memory that uses all our senses determines a stimuli’s exact image. Then the short term that is exactly that, only a temporary storage stage until it is determined to move to the next stage. Lastly, is the long term memory this is the stage where the stimuli will be stored for a long duration. Exploratorium: Memory Strategies with Games

This week’s task included doing exercises (games) at that are related to testing your memory; they included Memory Solitaire, Tell Yourself a Story, and Wander Around Your House (2011, para.3). On February 02, 2012 I accessed the Exploratorium websites to tackle the exercises and collect the necessary data about human memory. Memory Solitaire

First of the memory games on the Exploratorium website 92011) it included looking at a group of pictures for two minute duration. Once the two minutes were up I had to write down as many of the twenty images as I could remember, that was 16 out of 20. In this initial memory exercise I seem to use the concept of chunking; Huffman (2007) defines this as “grouping separate pieces of information into separate pieces of information into a single unit (or chunk)” (p.254). In other words, I placed the images in groups of four and continuously did this through the two minutes of time. Once the time...
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