Memory and Vonnegut

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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Memory and Vonnegut

Memory is something that is very hard to understand and when trying to study the function and how it works it can be very complex. As a registered nurse I have experienced this first had not only in my studies but also with my patients. Through out my 5 years as a nurse I have seen several different types of patients those who are honest and give a full health history, those who simply can not remember, and the ones who think they remember but you have the proof right in front of you that they are mistaken. Notice how I did not say that they are lying because sometimes they simply believe what they are telling you yet they are not correct. Kurt Vonnegut definitely had some trouble with remembering things correctly if you review the way he writes his book Slaughterhouse five. In the book the character Billy Pilgrim invents this place called Tralfamadore it where the aliens take him and how he "travels in time" (Vonnegut 25). Sometimes we may think that we remember an event a certain way and think that he have all of the exact details in place but yet we are mistaken for what the real truth (Wombles 1). The reasoning behind this is because when we are exposed to other things around us it can morph our memories to be remembered in a sense that was not accurate (Wombles 1). The fight or flight response is one way that a memory can be permanently instilled into our brains in a way that it can not be removed (Niemark 1). There are many factors that can influence why someones memory is distorted which leads us to believe that anyone can remember something incorrectly at times.

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