Memory and the Different Types of Memory

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  • Published : February 24, 2011
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Memory and the Different Types of Memory

This paper explains the differences between the each type of memory. Research will also show the roles of each memory system and how they pertain to memory. This paper will concentrate on each area of memory and will explain the problems of forgetting.

Memory and the Different Types of Memory
Memory can be defined as a “processes that are used to acquire, store, retain and later retrieve information. There are three major processes involved in memory: Encoding, storage and retrieval” (Cherry 2008, para 1). Figuring out how it is different and why people forget is a very interesting topic and will be explained. The term encoding takes information, processes it and then stores it for later use. A good example of information that is being encoded can closely be related to a computer. “For a computer this means transferring data into 1’s and 0’s. For us, it means transforming the data into a meaningful form such as an association with existing memory, an image, or a sound” (AllPsych and Heffner Media Group, Inc, para. 1). Storage is how information is stored or how the mind holds the information that was encoded. AllPsych and Heffner Media Group further explains “For this to take place, the computer must physically write the 1’ and 0’s onto the hard drive. It is very similar for us because it means that a physiological change must occur for the memory to be stored.” Retrieval is how the mind takes that stored memory that was encoded and relays that information as it was perceived. Sometimes during the retrieval process information is not always accurate as it was originally encoded or information was forgotten. The memory has many different roles. Sensory, short term and long term memory are the three different types of how memory is stored. Sensory memory is memory that is only retained for a couple of seconds. This memory is obtained from the environment such as visual and auditory. “Short...
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