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emortMemory of Many Senses
Senses are a very powerful thing in every person’s life no matter who you are you will be constantly using at least one of your senses. The sense of smell is one thing that not many people realize but it triggers memories in our brains and it can be a good or bad memory depending on the person. Fortunately for me most of the smells that strike memories for me are very good. The memory that strikes me most when I get a certain smell is the feeling of being in the Dominican Republic.

Whenever I get the sweet scent of a pineapple I just lay back and think about our vacation when my family and I went to the Caribbean. That sweet smell of a freshly cut pineapple is so sweet you can almost taste it even before you actually eat it. It is just the most amazing thing when there is a freshly picked and cut pineapple perfectly ripe right in front of you just waiting for you to grab some and sit near the beach and relax.

Once I smell it I just picture seeing the beach and all of the people out tanning and the ocean splashing on the shore and just a happy and relaxing atmosphere. The thought of even being back in the Dominican makes me happy and relaxes me no matter how stressed that I am. Seeing the ocean and the beach in my mind brings back the memory of being with my family and just enjoying life. The sound of the ocean waves crashing and flowing onto the sand is another thing that pops into my mind. Then while sitting on the beach while listening to the ocean I just take a bite of the sweet and juicy pineapple; it’s the best taste in the world.

The senses are a strong part of your memory. They do wonderful things and also sometimes not so wonderful things for you to remember but in my case it turned out to be a wonderful memory.
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