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By | August 2012
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Sanidad, Nathaniel M. August 17, 2012
BSMA 28:30-9:30 MWF
Engl 4D-504
“Reproductive Health BILL”

To each and one a pleasant morning, we all know the very reason why I am here in front of you, that is to deliver my insights and persuade you with the speech that I have on the so called RH Bill. RH Bill or known as the Reproductive Health Bill has a broad scope and it will just consume my 3 minutes time here in front, so let’s start with my topic named “RH BILL”

Many of us have different stand regarding this topic, in fact it is one of the most controversial issue here in our country, even the priest, teachers, senators and such, even us the students has our own stand. Ladies and Gentlemen let us close our own eyes for a while, it is dark. The government doesn’t put codes or laws that will make its people suffer from darkness or lead the people away from the light. The Bill’s proponents are emphatic on sidetracking the discussions and debates by slinging out only the good and valid points of the proposed law. While the opposing side dwell only on its bad points. Thus making the said proposed law a complicated one.

Freedom of speech, free choices yes! These are said to be free in a democratic country. But do not let the government fund for the artificial contraceptives. Otherwise there will be no free choice. For example those family who have dozen full of children and yet their income cannot support oneself. Having their genitals to be ligated without their free will means having no free choice. Every individual has their own weaknesses and for some it is the temptation of the word “LUST” and for us to fight it one must confront this temptation brought out by unexpected circumstances. If these goes on up to our children’s generation then no wonder if that day comes condoms and such are widely spread in every community just like the Bibles being distributed for free.

Yes it is our God’s command to go and multiply but...

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