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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Christopher M. Henley
Survey of American Lit.

Memorization and Technique

One human may look at the color of any given object and simply be able to bring back the factual description when asked upon from another after that object is away from them. The first steps to memorization for any individual is to make a choice, whether they want to memorize something or not and for what reasons they will do so. This might be simple memorization to all capable or possibly just for a few selected individuals. The key to memorization could begin with all making a relation to an object, not only for description but for understanding any given material, whether a car, movie, or even a conversation between two people which is what I have learned to do for my memorization of poetry and with the assigned literature, too. During this semester of class, with any given poetry assigned for memorization, I would find relations in each piece of work either by emotional bonding or creating fictional images in my head from the works when studied to help memorize them proficiently.

At the start of the semester instructions were to memorize a selected poem by Emily Dickinson (336) with using a physical memorization style. This method indeed did prove itself to become useful considering all of the physical descriptions in the work like “The Motions of the Dipping Birds- The Morning’s Amber Road” which helps each statement flow into the next easily. Another situation I would use the physical memorization technique is with Robert Frost-Acquainted with the Night. During this poetry, I not only formed emotional relation to the passage but the style of the work is actually physically descriptions of a scene, which allowed myself to close my eyes and personally witness the poetry become a scene. For each line gives a clip for a scenic imagery to the reader, “I have looked down the saddest city lane”, which easily made myself remember the countless days and nights that I...
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