Memorial: World War Ii and Shaun Tan

Topics: World War II, Angle Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: October 20, 2010
By Gary Crew and Shaun Tan

There are many techniques used to create meaning in the text ‘Memorial’ written by Shaun Tan and Gray Crew. A detailed examination of any double page from Memorial can show how well the author and illustrator uses these techniques to show meaning. One technique used in the Fourth Opening is the use of objects. There are many images in this opening, one of which is the fading picture of Old Pa. The drawing shows the viewer what Old Pa looks like and it shows that he is a very old man. As we can see from the picture, Old Pa is slowly fading away this gives the effect of telling the reader that Old Pa might not live for much longer. Another image used in this opening are the all the medals on Old Pa’s jacket and the leaves across the bottom of the page. The three medals are the medals given to Old Pa which he claimed after coming home from World War 1. In the leaves there are images of soldiers who became friends with Old Pa and who fought with Old Pa in the war. On the top right hand corner there are three numbers, they are ‘487’. These numbers would have been Old Pa’s registration number, which he was given when he joined the army. Colour is a very big part of the meaning in this opening. The colour which stands out the most would be the brown colour behind the text. This makes it easier to read the text and it also stands out. If we continue looking at the opening we can see that there is a blue colour in Old Pa’s eyes and behind him. Sepia is used in the pictures in the leaves, it makes the pictures look old and like they would have been taking during the war. Setting is an important technique used to represent meaning. The setting for the fourth opening is taken place at a memorial service and Old Pa is at the service to remember all the diggers who fought in the war; even some of his mates. This page has a lot to do with the name of the book. Angle and Position is another technique used to create meaning. The picture...
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