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  • Published : August 21, 2011
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To:Stephen King
From:Jason Statham and Angelina Jolie
Re:Team F Midterm Project

Analytical Report

Enclosed is the informal report about the culture in China for the Sales Team with Kelly Services, which you requested on April 11, 2009. You will find a great deal information pertaining to the Chinese culture and their etiquette practices. China has a rich culture infused with rituals that it will be necessary for company to learn from a business aspect.

Team F originally consisted of 5 members, Jason Statham, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba and Nicholas Cage. As we started developing the roles of our team members in week 4, we came to the realization that the only team members that were going to participate were Jason Statham and Angelina Jolie. We decided instead of assigning roles, that we would equally contribute to the project and turn it in together. We have worked very hard this week pulling the weight of our absent team mates.

Despite some original disagreements between me and Angelina Jolie, we pulled it together and worked very well as one unit. We set deadlines that were advanced of the original timeline, in order to make sure that there would be plenty of time to finish the project. We have successfully completed the team assignment for week 4 ahead of schedule and we feel confident in the work that we had done.

During research on how business is conducted in China, it was revealed that relationship among various parties play a key role. Business in China runs on a basis known as ‘Guanxi’. “Guanxi” means "relationships.". Any type of relationship, or source, with another company is considered good business practice and builds trust between other companies (Vincent Lo, Chinese Business Culture). Knowing this fact makes it imperative to build a good and healthy relationship with our clients, as it strengthens trust and allows for a stronger network among companies and clients. To...
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