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Topics: Management, Guidance, Human resources Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Due to the rapid growth of our company of opening new locations and acquiring competitors, we should develop a new information system in order to have a healthier company growth. The new integrated system will be assist daily operation and offering better reporting, especially in accounting and human resources. With the intention to provide assistance and guidance for developing the new information system, I would like to select the following as members of advisory committee along with me, operations manager, marketing director, director of finance and human resource manager. I have included a brief summary of how we going to assist the development. Being the information system manager, I will be responsible for gathering advices from committee and distributing to the IS department to develop the new information system. I will ensure the technological resources work reliably and the new system meets company's strategy. The information system department is responsible for maintaining the hardware, software, data storage and networks that comprise the IT infrastructure. Operations manager is chosen because he understands the most of the front-line day-to-day work. He is able to analyse what is difficult to use and give advice of what functions should be implemented to the new system that could reduce the complexity in daily operations. Since our current system is causing difficulty of combining data from each store, we can develop a new supporting software based on his advice in each spa. The new software will allow easier access to data from various location and better data integration process which reduce time and increase efficiency. Marketing director is can create a marketing plan and strategy which is very important as our new system should be able to attract more customers. He can gather customer feedbacks and give suggestions of how the custom program should be designed. A personalized service system can help us to have better understanding of...
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