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  • Published: March 12, 2013
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To : All slaughterhouse workers
From : Mrs Ward, main manager of Stan Meat’s slaughterhouse. Date : December 12, 2012
Subject : Food regulatory visitation

As you all know, we are waiting for the approval to produce Charolais’s meat, and at this time, the hygiene inspection is our last step for the assessment. Next week, we will be visited by food regulators from the Health department of the Ministry of Agriculture. In order to made this inspection successful, I would like to remind you the five following requirements :

1. To not forget to wash your hands EVERY TIME you enter in the main building. 2. To be on time every mornings and afternoons, and respect the break times. 3. To wear clean and proper clothes, under your overall - also supposed to be “clean” (of course I’m not talking about blood). 4. To follow all safety regulations - please note that you can find them on all the doors of the building. 5. To be courteous with strangers.

Even if those are supposed to be known and carried out all the time, I beg you to apply them conscientiously during the whole week. The last but not least point : you are going to meet your shift supervisor at 8 a.m. on Monday, don’t be late. The whole Stan Meat’s organization is counting on you workers, our future is in your (clean) hands !

Mrs Ward.


Thursday 13, 2012
Ms Jones,
Director, Communication services
Credit Alen Bank
4, Kertesz utca
1067, Budapest

Dear Sir and Miss,

It’s my pleasure to announce that Mr Ward has officially become the new head of the Credit Alen Bank. Together, we would like to inform you about the creation of 4 new services, which I believe will interest you : a new online banking, the Alen Jazz credit card, a new student loan evolutionary, and a new hotline personalized.

First of all, in order to make your banking operations easier and faster, your bank has created a new system of online banking. Online banking is a recent form of electronic banking service which permits you to handle with your account from everywhere with internet. All you need to do is head to, and enter your login and password. From these, you have free access to all your accounts and you can operate directly without coming to a bank office. You can check the actual amount of money you have, and follow all transactions done or in progress. But the real innovation is that, from now, you will be able to order bank transfer, between all your accounts, but also with stranger accounts previously registered, helped by the bank details given. Of course, all those operations are secure, as much as all your actions have to be confirmed by a secret code received on your phone, and approved by the bank agency responsible for your accounts.

Second, a new credit card is now available : The Alen Jazz. Get the credit or debit card right for you, by choosing the one you prefer in the model proposed, and benefit from many advantages. Among these, you will find an insurance for all your payments : SAVEN, but also an authorized overdrafted personalized, a management of fees of replacing cards for loss, theft or misuse, and a loyalty program that will allow you to receive many offers on your favorite brands, and also win many gifts, thanks to the points earned on your banking operations. Moreover, you will be able to choose between a lot of options, as SMS alert : to monitor your account closely, wherever you are ; International : to travel or buy online cheaply ; Manage expense : to save time and money with streamlined expense reporting ; or Memory service : to save your personal identification papers and those of your family, and be notified three months before their expiration date. At last, I would like you to inform about the various interesting launching prices, which allow you until 75% discount on the first year, depending on your age and your seniority in our bank.

The third new service is a student loan evolutionary. We...
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