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DATE: July 19, 2011
TO: Ms Engku Marina Engku Hatim, Chief Executive Officer
FROM: Ms Wendy Lee, Customer Service Executive Wendy
As you have requested, the purpose of submitting this report is to provide further information and suggestion on how to improve the services of the hospital. My recommendations are based on my own observation, patients’ feedbacks and my personal interaction with the colleagues from other departments and patients.  

The Group's flagship hospital, Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur, has a proud history of serving the Malaysian public for over 30 years. Established in 1974, Pantai Hospital K.L initially had 68 beds and 20 medical specialists. Today, the hospital has 332 beds and has a medical team of more than 160 specialists. The hospital is strategically located close to the city centre and within the cosy residential neighbourhood of Bangsar. In addition, Pantai Hospital is a major provider of integrated healthcare services in Malaysia that offer highest quality of services at affordable price. However, recently we have encountered several problems which are related to the hospital services based on our observation, customers’ feedback and the complaints. The problems will be elaborated further as below: Engku Marina Engku HatimPage 2 July 19, 2011

Due to the shortage of experienced and skilled doctors, the patients have undergone poor medical treatment and services. The new doctors who are lack of experience could not handle some critical cases. Thus, the patients and their family members are unpleased when the doctors could not explain the condition of the patients to them. Besides that, patients’ level of expectations on the hygiene of our hospital is not being fulfilled. The cleaners do not often clean the rooms and empty the trash bins. The patients feel uncomfortable staying in such environment; hence they are reluctant to return to seek for our service. Thus, this will eventually affect the good reputation of our hospital.

Other than that, our hospital is in the situation of having insufficient bedrooms for the incoming patients. To wait for the availability of the beds, the patients are forced to wait at the lobby. This has caused dissatisfaction and frustration of the patients and as well as their family members. As a result, some of the patient give up on waiting and transfer to another hospital. Hence, the hospital has lost a number patients and decrease in the profit due to this problem.  

Furthermore, most of the customers have complained about our hospital’s slow registration and billing system. Patients become very unhappy, especially during registration and medical bill settlement as they have to wait for a long period of time before their turn comes. Therefore, the patients refuse to return because they are impatient with our hospital’s poor system. The problems are further justified with the data we have collected as below.

Engku Marina Engku HatimPage 3 July 19, 2011

Shortage of experienced and skilled doctors
According to the personal interactions that we have done with the patients, we found out that there are 25% of the patients unsatisfied with our doctors’ services. According to Human Resource manager, our hospital is currently lacked of experienced and skilled doctors to handle the increasing number of patients. Therefore, the new inexperienced doctors are forced to handle some emergency critical cases. Because of their limited experience and knowledge in the hospital, they have caused the dissatisfaction of the patients whenever the patients and their family members asked further information about their health condition.

Minimal level of cleanliness
With concern of the hygienic matter, management department representative has done a thorough observation on the cleanliness of the hospital environment. The outcome of...
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