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“Memo writing is technical writing with its sleeves rolled up” A Memorandum (abbrev.: memo) is a no-nonsense professional document, designed to be read quickly and passed along rapidly, often within a company or work group. E-mail messages are by far the most common form of memo. * The basic function of a memo is to make the reader aware of specific information as efficiently as possible. * A memo can be written to inform, to persuade, or to give specific feedback on a particular topic. Parts of the Memorandum

Title. The title typically consists of the company name and the word memorandum. Heading Block.A memo has a heading consisting of four parts. To: Name and position of the reader
From: Name and position of the writer
Date: Date the memo is sent
Subject: A phrase that focuses the reader's attention on the subject of the memo Body of the Memo Message. The body of the message should be organized in three parts: (1) a statement of purpose
(2) the details, and
(3) a positive, friendly closing or next-step information.
These three parts are usually presented in three separate paragraphs, though the details themselves may require several paragraphs in a longer, more complex memorandum. Guidelines on Writing Memorandums

* Should be brief.
* It should get to the point.
* It should cover only one topic.
* It should be timely.
Types of Memoranda
1. Memoranda To – is a type of correspondence that usually comes from a superior authority to a subordinate. 2. Memorandum For – in which a subordinate issue a memorandum to his superior.

The receiver (is indicated by a “TO” or “FOR”) is the person to whom the memo is to be sent.

The sender (indicated by the word “FROM”) is the person who is sending the memorandum.

Specifications(often abbreviated as spec)
* is an explicit set of requirements to be satisfied by a material, design, product, or service. Should a material, product, or service fail to meet one or more of the applicable specifications, it may be referred to as being out of specification; the abbreviation OOS may also be used.

* A building Specificationis usually understood as a central document in a building process. It, traditionally, functions between the design phase and the actual construction phase. It is a contract document, part of the Tender Documents, detailing the agreements made between the Client and the Contractor.

* Specifications are written usually in a manner that enables both parties (and/or an independent certifier) to measure the degree of conformance.

* A specification is a type of technical standard.
* Technical Standard
*  is an established norm or requirement in regard to technical systems. It is usually a formal document that establishes uniform engineering or technical criteria, methods, processes and practices.

* Specifications are divided generally into two main categories: (1) Performance specifications: conform to known customer requirements such as keeping a room's temperature within a specified range. (2) Technical specifications: express the level of performance of the individual units, and are subdivided into: (a)individual unit specifications which state boundaries (parameters) of the unit's performance consisting of a nominal (desired or mandated) value and tolerance (allowable departure from the nominal value, (b) acceptable quality level which states limits that are to be satisfied by most of the units, but a certain percentage of the units is allowed to exceed those limits, and (c) distribution specifications which define an acceptable statistical distribution (in terms of mean deviation and standard Deviation) for each unit, and are used by a producer to monitor its production processes.

* There are three basic approaches to the development of a specification as outlined below.  A. Input or process specifications
- This specification is process based and is usually used...
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