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Topics: Precipitation, Pune, God Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Rain is enjoyed and welcomed everywhere and by everybody. Children and elders get a chance to enjoy rain showers. Rainy season has great significance in India. As all know, farmer's livelihood heavily depends on the arrival of rain. In the western part of India, monsoon rain arrives in the beginning of June every year. Alas! This year monsoon showers kept farmers waiting till second week of July. The amount of rainfall predicted is well short of its average level this time. Due to scanty rainfall, dams and reservoirs have hardly any water left. This situation indicates that it's going to be hard time ahead to get good crop.

I live in the city area of Pimpri chinch wad Municipal Corporation, and not directly engaged into farming activity. I got to know about actual field condition when I visited my native place "Harnas" situated in Bhor taluka. When I decided to walk down to "Harnas" from Malwadi bypass, I saw women and elder men working in their farm. Although there's no heavy rain, still there are rain showers now and then. Farmers are busy in their farming activities, whatever they can yield for their household needs. Another thing I noticed is the small size of the farm, because of smaller fields they are unable to produce surplus which they can sell into the market. The way of farming is traditional and there's hardly any use of machines.

Apart from these realities, I felt close to nature during my trail to "Harnas". I could hear cows and their siblings which I wish to keep in my memory for years. Very sweet and audible were the tweets of birds. Variety of sweet sounds made me spellbound. I spotted the yellow headed sparrows on a tree and many tiny bird species. Also the livestock which includes hens, goats and buffaloes where sited in course of journey. Rain showers accompanied me, while I was enjoying the pleasure of bird-watching & listening. I also want to mention the green mountains which made my trip unforgettable one. I always had a love for...
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