Memorable Teacher

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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Memorable Teacher

Memorable teacher remain a lot of students’ mind because of several features. Thus, although they already left a school, they do not forget the teacher for a long time. First, memorable teacher advices to students for their study as well as life of graduating school. This advice might be looked pretty simple, but then there barely exist such as this teacher who takes care of student’s another life. For example, when I went to a high school, there was one teacher who usually used to advice to students about how to students should live after graduating a high school. Sometimes, he used to tell his students about his specific life experience he had leant and realized throughout his life as just a senior not teacher during a class. Thus, whenever he starts telling his story, many students focus on his saying naturally because his narrative are very interesting and there are a lot of things they sympathize with his story. For instance, he consists that there does not exist which life is more valuable or not. It means to live honestly, faithfully is more important than to just live very well with enough materials. Meanwhile, he emphasizes that what to study very well or to get an excellent job is not relatively important things, before that, to grow straightly and righteously are more significant than other things, so he would ask to students that make sure that which one is more wiser choice. Second, memorable teacher gives to encourage and hope to students with sweet words to give them a positive mind and confidence. It is very significant point because those students who are not mature yet and very sensitive are affected by tiny word easily, so it could be brought fairly vigorous different result by teacher’s word. For instance, I had a teacher when I was a high school student. When he gives some questions to some students in class, even if some students reply wrong answer, he never points out mistake severely. Rather, he would say to...
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