Memorable Moment

Topics: Pregnancy, Mother, Pregnancy test Pages: 3 (1286 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Memorable Moment
A memorable moment is a moment in a persons' life that is not easily forgotten, a moment that raises whole and fresh in your mind, complete in every detail, the moment you recall it. For some it can be their wedding day, graduation, vacation, or in this case, the moment I found I was going to be a mother.

It was a normal day, and I woke up, took a shower, brushed my teeth, combed my hair, got ready and headed straight to work. It was a normal routine until a regular conversation turned out to be a heart-racing question. Working at a restaurant as a server we have our own morning routine to get ready for the day. Before anything, we always have a meeting; however, as a young 19 year old, at the time, my friends and I decided to have our own mini conversation. This conversation was better known as "girl talk."

While having this "girl talk" I began to wander off to La La land and of course, my two best friends noticed. I began to ask myself questions that I never thought I would be asking and of course, I had to rely on my two girlfriends to answer the questions for me hoping that I was just overreacting. As the day continued, I slowly began to forget what the whole commotion was about. Work was over with and I was on my way to the store to run a few errands.

As I was I picking up a few toys for my kitty at the local dollar tree I came across the "aisle." There in front of me was the one thing I didn't expect to see, a pregnancy test. Should I buy it? Should I not? Am I pregnant? Every question crossed my mind and I must say this decision was harder than deciding if I should buy a new pair of heels or not. Standing there frozen I finally had the courage to buy one. Walking up to the cash register, I was filled with emotions a little embarrassed due to the fact that I look like I'm 12 years old with a pregnancy test, nervous to know if I am or not, stupid for even buying one when my mind convinced me pretty well that there was no way I...
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