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Topics: Human rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Rights Pages: 6 (2161 words) Published: June 15, 2013
Freedom is a mental and physical expression, which gives us the privilege to achieve our goals, live in harmony, and live a fulfilling life. An individual attains freedom by birth and in many countries is granted by a sovereign legislation. This legislation written long ago gives an individual the opportunity to grow, prosper, and achieve the goals distinguished by life itself. In example, U.S. Constitution offers every native born American a set of rules to abide and in terms it offers rights as a privileage for following those rules. However, in many countries around the world a government constitution may not offer such terms for its people; therefore in 1945 the United Nations committed its resources for developing universal rights, which are known as: Human Rights. A set of thirty rights gives us the opportunity to pursue our destiny or create one for ourselves. As all thirty articles of Human Rights are extremely important, however one certain article stands out above the rest. Article one of Universal Declaration of Human Rights states, “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.” This particularly well articulated paragraph is the forerunner for the remaining legislation. Without this essential article, rest of the legislation would fall apart as this paragraph is deeply connected to the rest of the articles in meaning, subject, and understanding. 

As article one states, “Everyone is born free and equal,” but is that statement truly a reality? Why do social class, religion, and gender dominate the idea of true equality? Why is it if an individual truly wants to be free and treated as an equal they have to seek asylum in the West? However, does their asylum guarantee freedom from social oppression and exploitation? In the movie Pursuit of Happyness, Chris Gardner, a middle-age salesman discovers his true calling as a stockbroker. To his surprise one doesn’t need a college education to become a stockbroker. Chris’s, personality is rather motivational and determined to achieve goals and hurdles set before him, therefore he believes he can use these traits and skills attained in life to succeed as a stockbroker. However, Chris is an African American who comes from a family of no means and seeks to achieve his goals in a time period, which was known to be cruel and hateful. Chris Gardner’s, greatest challenge was to prove to his superiors he was capable of performing at his best and in the essence accumulate investors who provide the investments. During this phase in his life he was participating in an internship for a multi-billion dollar brokerage, but at the same time was homeless and broke. If an individual is truly born free and equal, why did Chris not have his own private residence? For a period of nearly two weeks, the local subway facilities became the new residence for him during the darkest hour of his homelessness (Smith). However, during his troubles Chris stumbled upon a church, which provided shelter for the homeless. Taking advantage of this opportunity Chris managed to receive temporary residence at the church (Smith). His temporary residence required him to be present in a queue exactly at 6:00 pm and leave the premises the next morning at 8:00 am (Smith). The tough schedule endured heavily on Chris’s lifestyle and sleeping habits. Ultimately, Chris remained determined and motivated to achieve his goal. He was at the lowest point in his life, but he knew he could only rise from that point onward. Struggles in life prevent true equality and freedom to exist. However, without struggle one truly does not feel motivated to grasp what they truly desire. In the essence, Chris Gardner’s life is a constant struggle for survival and his triumph paved the way for future success, freedom, and equality.

The requirements to achieve true equality and freedom derive from your inner...
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