Memo Review Paper

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  • Published : March 11, 2011
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Memo Review Paper
After reviewing the Accounting memo that was directed to Andrew’s Accounting Teammates, I have found several items that need to be changed prior to sending this to the executive vice President. Andrew wrote this memo very informal. This memo needs to be changed to follow a formal guideline. I will be discussing in this paper items that need to be changed before sending the Accounting Memo on to the executive vice president.

In a Formal e-mail he should write out the word memo as memorandum. He should not have abbreviated words. Writing a memo using complete sentences is very important and proper when you are writing a memorandum to a large group of coworkers. The first paragraph I would reword to say, “We need to get together later this week to discuss Last In/First Out versus First In/First out method for the cost of goods sold as our company needs. My manager needs this information to present to the board later this month.” By rewording the beginning of the opening paragraph it sounds more formal. I would not use any words that are abbreviated and no choppy sentences.

In the second paragraph I would change this so it also has complete sentences. The first thing I would change is starting the paragraph with because. I would start the paragraph with “The Company may be coming into inflationary economic times we might recommend that the company continues to use LIFO so we can reduce our federal and state corporate income tax. Staying with LIFO would help the company with a better cash flow and profit margin.” I would keep the rest of the paragraph the same.

In the third paragraph I would change the P& L to say profit and loss statement. I would then change both the FIFO and LIFO bullet points to be in two correct sentences instead of bullet points. The way that the two bullets are typed in the current memo is not correct. The equals sign is not proper. The semicolon in each bullet point is not properly used, either.

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