Memo: Results of the Discussion about Consulting's Proposals

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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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To: Managing Director
From: (Department Head)
Date: 3 December, 2012
Subject: Results of the discussion about the consulting’s proposals

On three December, the departmental heads have discussed the proposals provided by Unicorn Consulting and Performance Consulting. The initial concern was to decide which company offers the best package for Mobi-net. During the discussion the departmental heads had to take into account the requirements of Mobi-net. We recommend to cooperate with Performance Consulting, based on the following points.

Contract and fees
Performance Consulting wants a time and materials contract, including an hourly consultant rate of 150 euro for senior consultants and 120 euro for junior consultants. Unicorn Performance seems cheaper because they want an hourly consultant rate of 130 euro, but we are allowed to choose the amount of junior and senior consultants of Performance Consulting ourselves. The experienced senior consultants should be employed for complex problems and the less expensive junior consultants for the regular problems. Herewith we can provide the highest quality of services as cost efficient as possible. It is an long-term investment. The contract would not be fixed-price because this would be very complex and it may overrun. The contract should be under very strict price conditions in order that the costs cannot become excessively high.


Performance Consulting’s junior consultants can start immediately with the project. After three weeks the senior consultants are available as well. The junior consultants can start with the preparatory work and the senior consultants can amplify the team later on. The project can be completed in four months’ time by the junior consultants of Performance Consulting. Unicorn Consulting can complete the project in three-and-an-half months’ time, depending on staff cooperation with Mobi-net. This indicates that Unicorn Consulting requires less time...
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