Memo Report – Starbucks

Topics: Starbucks, Time, Future Pages: 2 (804 words) Published: May 30, 2011
Memo report – Starbucks
To: The marketing manager
From: Simon Vestergaard Kristiansen, Marketing assistant
Date: May 6th
Subject: Starbucks Report
As you previously requested I have worked out a memo report on; what Starbucks have done in the past, what they are doing now and how we can learn from them. It is very important to notice what competitors do when there are uncontrollable market conditions, so there can be an easier adapting process. Starbucks have 11.000 stores worldwide, and they serve more than 40 million customers each week and even with these enormous numbers Starbucks continues to grow. The reason Starbucks is still growing is that; people loves the products that Starbucks provide, but there is more to it, Starbucks is also a very beloved brand. They have a wide product range and they are very innovative, constantly making new products to keep on being interesting. The clever thing about this is that you never get tired of the brand because it’s constantly developing itself, making it a very effective business strategy. In my opinion there is the possibility of following the example that Starbucks have set, it’s impossible to argue with the logics of a constantly extending product range that is both innovative and high quality. Starbucks meet the customer’s needs before they even know that they need it. They come up with ideas faster than most other coffee places, making it virtually impossible to criticize the depth of their product range as it is constantly expanding. An example of the creative side of Starbucks could be the new “Instant coffee” that Starbuck have just added in their product range. The product consists of a small packet of coffee that a customer can carry with them and make coffee almost everywhere, all they need is water. It would of course be a great idea to be more innovative at Café Nero, as it would satisfy a wider range of customers. However one must have in mind that Starbucks is a gigantic worldwide chain and...
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