Memo: Management and Quarter Goal

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  • Published : March 7, 2009
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TO: James Brown, Office Manager
From: Dannette Jones, Project Manager
Date: March 15, 2008
Subject: Performance Overview

As project manager, I am writing this memo to inform you of the recent developments, concerning my team not meeting the financial Quarter goal. Which means my team and I will not received the bonuses we thought were lock in place. This proves one can never be too sure of themselves. However, I am taking full responsibility for my team. They are all dedicated to the field of their expertise, and I whole myself responsible for not being the team leader they needed to push them to their full potential to reach our Quarter goal. As I am sure, you know this really caught me by complete surprise my team and I have never missed a financial quarter in five years. Everyone was optimistic about their bonuses, now I fill as if I have let them all down. We missed the margin by 8%. Nevertheless, there is always the next quarter right, which begins in two weeks. We will work even harder to prevent this from happening again; at least that is what I am telling myself. I plan to send out a memo to my team concerning the bonuses as well as to schedule a meeting to summarize the specific performance levels of improvements. I think it will be beneficial to the team, as well as myself to contact the corporate office to request training in refresher courses on how to accomplish, achieving our goals in the future as a team. It certainly could not hurt. James I appreciate your support, please feel free to contact me concerning any suggestions you might have concerning my team and I excelling in the next quarter.
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