Topics: World Wide Web, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Hypertext Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Wei- Yih Karyn Hsu

The Prophecy of Ralph Walfo Emerson
In 1945, Vannevat Bush came up with the idea of program which can store information and be retrieved for people to use at their own wishes and needs. The philosophy behind MEMEX was to help people get a better understanding of “everything” since MEMEX can store massive amount of knowledge and data that is previously recorded. This relates to contemporary computers because MEMEX was the prototype of today’s internet. Without this theoretical machine which served as an inspiration to contributors of the WWW (World Wide Web) such as Ted Nelson and Douglas Engelbart, the internet may not have yet to be invented. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “machines, once made, make men”. From the point of view of how people rely so heavily of technology these days, the prophecy that Emerson made in the mid 19th century may be true. Mobile phone, computers and internet has dominated humans for the past 15 years. People rely on these machines in order to complete their daily tasks. The internet is not just served as personal usages; people use it to communicate with other people around the world. They obtain knowledge and data information on things that may be important to know and would affect the world. Although knowledge is spread on the internet for anyone to obtain and have access to, there is something that we have to take into consideration. Who is the primary person to release this information and is this information accurate? Bias standpoints may affect people’s view on the whole situation. For example, if a political figure was accused of corruption and fraud and the news reporter is bias and believes that it is true, he/she who releases this information out to public may alter the citizens’ view on the political figure. What may be not true will “become” the truth. Although we only see this display of information on the screen of our computer or television, we would just assume that it is the truth because it...
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