Memes and Life

Topics: Memetics, Meme, Gene Pages: 2 (831 words) Published: March 4, 2013
We have three replicators
1. Genes
2. Memes
3. Fremes (I have called them that).

These three replicators are selfish in that they contiuously try to replicate. In the book by Susan Blackmore, it is mentioned that the reason why we cannot stop thinking is because there are too many memes in our memory that can find their place in the brain. Hence, we continuously keep on thinking, but at the cost of higher energy requirements. Indeed, thinking utilizes more brain power which in turn requires more oxygen for which more blood flow is required. Hence, in a nutshell, the more we think the more energy we consume and the more the genetically weaker our genes become – as we are ‘wasting’ more energy. What we see here that these replicators are more selfish than we thought. One has to create and store stronger memes by compromising on the gene side – to survice. Similarly, in order to have positive frequency (fremes), we need to select more memes that provoke us lesser. I would call them weaker memes. Hence, the general rule, weaker genes for stronger memes, weaker memes for stronger fremes. This has a strong relation with the way we see life. We are like gardeners (Susan Blackmore) in our garden of mind. We are required to keep the garden completely clean so that we can stop being a garderner anymore (funnily enough). For this, we need to stop the weeds (memes) from growing. So this gives us a cue. Stop these replicators from growing and you will stop being a human. We would obviously not like to cease our very own existence. But, a little thinking on the other side never did anyone harm. What if we did? Would it mean that we would become the fourth replicator? Consider the analogy of a radio – It gives out sound (memes) and is controlled by switching to a particular frequency (freme). Hence, every ‘higher’ replicator is a controller of the previous replicator. From this analogy, if we are able to control the three replicators, we would be the host for the...
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