Membrane Technique: For Processing Liquid Radioactive Waste Water

Topics: Water, Nuclear power, Reverse osmosis Pages: 4 (1287 words) Published: October 10, 2012
The article describes a technique for processing liquid radioactive waste water using membrane techniques to single out only radioactive waste components without affecting the salt ballast. This solution dramatically reduces the amount of radioactive concentrates to be long-term storage, and provides an opportunity to re-use treated water and chemicals. Keywords.

Liquid radioactive waste, radioactive waste water purification, reverse osmosis, selective extraction of radionuclides. Introduction.
To radioactive waste are not subject to further use of the substance and the material in which the radionuclide content exceeding regulatory levels. The main feature of this type of industrial waste (sewage) is that continued use can not be due to the fact that any chemical and physico-chemical changes can not provide the biological safety of these substances. Since radioactivity can not be destroyed, the technology for processing liquid radioactive waste water can carry a maximum concentration of the waste to produce purified to the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) of water. Further treatment with concentrates provides for their cure and virtually eternal storage in specially designed repositories. Besides the cost of operation of cemeteries is the largest share of the cost of the entire process of radioactive effluents. This cost is directly proportional to the volume of stored waste, which in turn is due to be transferred on the processing of liquid radioactive waste water, the composition and the technology used processing and curing. The sources of radioactive waste are the following production and operations: • mining and processing of radioactive ores, manufacture of nuclear fuel; • operation and decommissioning of nuclear power plants;

• processing of irradiated nuclear fuel;
• production of weapons-grade materials and the processes of disarmament; • operation and decommissioning of ships to transport nuclear power plants; • Conduct research...
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