Membership Monitoring System

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Chapter 1
Technology plays a vital role in business. In this fast changing world, business has to cope and adapt to new means of conducting transactions. The advent of information and communication technology makes the computer system the most important machine of contemporary generation. It can handle vast amount of information and as such, is considered as a perfect tool to ensure work productivity, efficiency, and economy.

The need for accurate, fast and convenient response to information inquiry pushes people to look for ways and means to simplify complicated tasks, among which is the Transaction Processing System (TPS). TPS is a computer – based version of manual organization system dedicated to handling the monitoring of an organizational system and its transactions.

In this context, the developers intend to create a Membership Monitoring System with Inventory and Billing for ISL Shape-up Fitness Center. It is designed to monitor the membership information including customer identity, health statistics, conditions, and payments among others. With the use of computer, retail transactions of beverages and supplements can be closely monitored as well. It can reduce the workload of auditing inventory and provide a more reliable data output. Reports regarding the status of the company can be easily generated at any time.

Maintaining good flow of transaction is advantageous to the company since they can provide good services to their customers. The proposed system is expected to improve the quality of service that they provide and keep them at pace with today’s tough competition in the business industry.

1.1 Background of the Problem
Mr. Ronnie Lu started the ISL Shape-up Fitness Center in 1995 while he was still undertaking his undergraduate studies in Bachelor of Science in Nutrition at University of the Philippines – Diliman. Inheriting the place his parents owned, he built the center from scratches. First he bought benches, bars, and plates, and throughout the years he bought exercise machines, rubber balls, jump ropes, etc. After a few months, Coca Cola Bottlers, Inc. offered the retail of beverages and provided equipment. Last 2004, Mirru’s Company offered a consignment for vitamins and supplements. Now a successful fitness center with 1980 existing members and roughly 150 to 250 active members per month, Mr. Lu’s goal is to find a working system that will enable him to put up franchise and expand his business.

The current system relies heavily on what the proprietor himself says as “trust”. Members experience problems in terms of payment because some do not keep track of due date for their monthly fees. The current manual system has the payment deadline recorded in a single clear book. As such, the personnel-in-charge has to check the said clear book every time a member logs in for the session.

Personnel also experience problems in inventory because beverage sales are recorded only in a notebook while vitamin / supplement sales, in a receipt. This makes auditing difficult and time consuming as records are kept in separate places.

All of the final records are encoded every night in a Microsoft Excel worksheet. This serves as the company’s whole record of operations.

1.2 Overview of the Current State of the Technology

Gym Master is an easy-to-use gym and health club membership management system. It helps companies keep the records of their membership. It facilitates communication between the companies and their members. Gym Master is also feature-packed which enhance management and membership growth. Gym Master is designed with a variety of industries in mind like gyms, health clubs, recreation centers, swimming pools, fitness clubs, wellness centers, churches, community centers, and any membership-based organization. The developers believe software should be accessible, easy to use, and affordable. They will work with you to create an IT solution that works...
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