Melvin Purvis

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Melvin Purvis, attended the local Thompsonville High School, where he was a two sport athlete and the president of the literary society. (v) He possessed immense poise, and foresight by engaging in activities in which molded him into a leader and a diverse citizen. He spent his time hunting and fishing, activities which taught him to be patient and to never ignore any detail. Mr. Purvis went on to attend The University of South Carolina where he received a law degree in 1925. He also served as Treasurer and Assistant Manager of various clubs and teams. He was a hard working student; his instructors remarked of his "solid qualities." As further proof of his diligence, the Annual Review wrote that there was "no more devoted and faithful student" of law. (NYT 5) After law school, Purvis became an attorney at the most prestigious law firm in Florence, South Carolina. It is here that Mr. Purvis met his future wife, Rosanne Willcox.(v p. 32) Mr. Purvis was unhappy working as a attorney and decided to leave Ms. Willcox behind and move to Washington D.C.(NYT 5) Throughout Mr. Purvis's young adulthood, he was regarded as a well mannered Southern Gentlemen, he was well educated and loyal, yet adventurous. Melvin Purvis moved to Washington D.C. intending on working for the Department of State. However The Department of State did not have any openings, Consequently, Purvis applied for a job at Federal Bureau of Investigation, where he enrolled in 1926. Mr. Purvis became J. Edger Hoover's "favorite SAC [Special Agent-in-Charge]" (PE 65) "To Hoover, Melvin Purvis personified everything he wanted in his new breed of agent" (V 6). Hoover became attracted to Purvis and sent him letters addressing him as "Mel" and signing as "Jayee". (v 6) on one occasion. This informality and familiarity between the men demonstrate the development of a close and personal relationship between Hoover and Purvis. Their relationship extended beyond the office based on Hoover's desires for a more...
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