Melbourne City Culture

Topics: Melbourne, Yarra River, Australia Pages: 4 (1255 words) Published: September 17, 2012
In all cases the creation of Melbourne’s districts, are different to their past in one way or another. “Many of the citizens of Melbourne live in the suburbs both east and south of the Yarra River, sprawled around Port Phillip Bay and extending as far east as Mount Dandenong.” (1). Take Docklands for example, the history of Docklands is very different to the way we see it today. Chinatown and the Greek Precinct still have many elements of what they were a few decades ago. The Queen Victoria Market has in some ways mirrored its past but has also had changes. Although the past of these districts and Melbourne in general have mirrored their past at times, they have also gone through small and in some cases significant changes.

Some districts in Melbourne do not mirror their past at all and one of these districts is certainly Docklands. Docklands was originally a swamp land which the Wurrrundjeri and Bunerong people used to spend their summers. The swamp was surrounded by bush and grassland plentiful of waterfowl, fish and many edible plants and animals. European settlement was non-existent until May 1835 when John Batman sailed into Port Phillip Bay. John Batman established a treaty with the local aboriginals and bought a large piece of land now known as Melbourne. “While the marshland area of modern day Docklands was left empty when surveyors Russell and Hoddle drew up the Melbourne grids in 1837.”(2) In 1837 the area became home to some of Melbourne’s first industries and in the early 1850s the area was made into a dock now known as Victoria Harbour, to meet the demands of the accompanying mass of migration due to the gold rush. The harbour was without a problem until the 1960s when containers replaced bales and crates and the docks, sheds and wharves could not withstand the containers. Victoria Harbour therefore could not be Melbourne’s main maritime and economic hub. In 1991 Docklands was to realise its untapped potential as a place where the city meets the...
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