Melbourne and Sydney

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Melbourne and Sydney—Two Similar Cities

The top ten world’s most livable cities of 2011 reported that four cities are from Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide at 1st, 6th, 8th and 9th positions, respectively. It is said that they are chosen because of their ranking on an reputable yearly survey of "living conditions" ("World's Most Livable Cities," par.1). Thus, what do the livable cities look like? This essay will take Melbourne and Sydney as examples and compare them in three ways—education, culture and economy.

First of all, both Melbourne and Sydney think highly of education, and they both have numerous universities. Melbourne has seven universities, including Monash University,"The largest university in Australia and University of Melbourne, the second oldest university in Australia" ("Melbourne: Education"). In Sydney, there are nine universities. The University of Sydney (established in 1850), which is "The oldest university in Australia and Oceania" and the largest in Sydney, has already had three Nobel laureates ("Sydney: Education"). It is clear that both cities have high level universities. In fact, the number of international students has risen rapidly in the universities of Melbourne and Sydney in recent years.

Both cities, moreover, are international cultural centers and both of them have already held Olympic Games. They all emphasize the importance of sport and as a result, lots of sports event are held in the two cities every year. People in Melbourne are crazy about "cricket and Australian rules football" ("Melbourne"). The fans can spend more than half of their spare time on them. In Sydney, although the most popular sport is rugby league, individuals still tend to enjoy half of their free time playing it. Furthermore, as both of them are immigrant cities, there are a hundred more languages and cultures combined. Therefore, you will feel that you have travelled all over all world when you live in...
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