Melba Patillo Beals: Warriors Don’t Cry Quotes

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  • Published: September 1, 2013
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Melba Patillo Beals: Warriors Don’t Cry
1) Melba Patillo- “Nobody presents you with a handbook when your teething and says ‘Here’s how you must behave as a second class citizen.’ Instead, the humiliating expectations and traditions of segregation creep over you slowly stealing a teaspoonful of your self esteem each day.” (Page 3) 2) Grandma- “… Be patient, our people’s turn will come. You’ll see. Your lifetime will be different from mine. I might not live to see the changes, but you will…oh yes my child, you will” (page 10) 3) Melba Patillo- “I felt such a surge of pride when I thought about how my people had banded together to force a change. It gave me hope that maybe things in Little Rock could change.” (Page 20) 4) Mama Louis.-“‘A lot has changed in the two years since you signed up to go to Central. You were younger than,’ Mother said with a frown on her face. ‘Maybe it was a hasty decision- a decision we’ll all regret.”(Page 32) 5) Grandma- “…You’re a warrior on the battle field for your lord. God’s warriors don’t cry, ‘cause they trust that he’s always by their side. The women of this family don’t break down in the face of trouble. We act with courage, and with God’s help, we ship trouble right out.” (page 44) 6) Melba Patillo- “Freedom is not integration …. Freedom is being able to go with Grandma to the wrestling matches.” (Page 52)

7) Melba Patillo- “Pride welled inside me, and for the first time, I knew that working for integration was the right thing for me to be doing” (Page 57)

8) Melba Patillo- “‘I’m proud of who I am. My color is inconvenient right now, but it won’t always be like this.’ I’d said what I felt, despite the fear that it would be considered talking back to an adult.” ( Page 105)

9) Melba Patillo- “This is going to work. It will take a lot more patience and more strength from me, But it’s going to work. It takes more time than I thought. But we’re going to have integration in Little...
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