Melanie Owenassignment 013task A1. Why Is It Important for Children and Young People That You Work in Partnership with the Following; Parents, Carers, Guardians – It Is Important That Parents Are Involved in Any

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Melanie OwenAssignment 013Task A1. Why is it important for children and young people that you work in partnership with the following;Parents, carers, guardians – It is important that parents are involved in any decision making about their child. They should be involved in making goals so they can encourage their child at home and through their parenting. By speaking to the parents about their lifestyles and values they can have a better understanding of the child which will help support them while teaching.Other professionals – By involving a wide number of different professionals into the care of a child, we can provide children with a wide range of opportunities to benefit from. If a child requires help in a development area it is good to involve other professionals to advise or give one to one teachingMulti-disciplinary teams – For a child to be given the best opportunities it is important that people or agencies with different opinions, techniques and skills, are involved in the child's care. By working together with these groups, different ideas can be tried to see what works best for the children. Colleagues – It will benefit the children if you work well as a team. You will enjoy your job, and work more effectively which will positively benefit the children.2. Identify from within your own chosen work setting three relevant partners for communication and information sharing.  * Speech and language professional  * Child psychologist  * School nurse/health visitor3. What three characteristics define an effective working partnership?  * They will find ways to share practices and work together  * They will find ways to let people know about their skills and expertise by shadowing each other or giving information workshops  * They will be clear about their roles when working together4. List three examples of potential barriers to effective partnership working?  * Different agencies may resent having to... [continues]Read full essay

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