Meiosis and Genetic Diversity in Sordaria

Topics: Meiosis, Fungus, Sexual reproduction Pages: 4 (1112 words) Published: November 29, 2012
Sordaria fimicola is an ascomecyete fungus studied for its product of meiosis and mitosis that form 8 haploid spores. These spores are contained in a fruiting body called perithecia. Asci made up of spores are contained in this body. The perithecia are squashed in order to better identify the asci. Scordaria is a very beneficial organism to study genetic variation because it is maintainable in a lab, has a short life cycle, its asci are easily distinguishable under a microscope and it helps to understand meiosis. Sordaira is found in Evolution canyon. It is a place in Israel that is a natural setting to explore the relations of organisms and their environment. Each side of the canyon is very different. One side is exposed to harsh conditions and much sun exposure while the other has more moderate conditions. The European slope of the canyon has dark gray landscape while the African slope has a lighter brown landscape.

Meiosis is a reduction process that reduces diploid cells to haploid cells(2N1N). Meiosis I cause genetic variation to occur through the process of crossing over and independent assortment. Two haploid daughter cells are formed at the end of Meiosis I. Meiosis II then forms four haploid daughter cells. Every cell differs in its genetic material. Mitosis then creates 8 spores. These spores can have combinations of tan or gray to wild such as 4:4, 2:4:2, and 2:2:2:2. When the spores mature, they will be released. Two haploid cells will then unite through fertilization to form a diploid zygote.

This lab will further our knowledge of meiosis and the benefits of genetic variation in Scordaria fimicola. Two types of fungi were used to show the effects of crossing over and independent assortment. The fungi combinations were created by placing two samples of tan or gray type on an agar plate and two samples of wild type and allowing them to combine over two weeks. After this amount of time the perithecia are well enough developed and...
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